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A well dressed table

J. Kinney has a wide selection of table linens and table accessories to make your family feel loved. We also carry a wide variety of seasonal decorations to stun your visiting guests. We welcome you to visit our store where our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect gift. You can also visit our Blog to see a few of our lines and read the stories behind their design. A few of our favorites are Kobo, Cucina, and Oil Cloth.

Come an’ Get Your Hot Skwash!

The word is out – our Hot Skwash are in. These beauties are flying off the shelves and we’ve already ordered more. Come stop by to check out Hot Skwash, which is truly a labor of love. Daria Knowles’ “skwash” showcases her eye for color, texture and shape. Each piece has its own unique personality to provide the perfect accent for your home this fall, and even year round. Working with local farmers, Hot Skwash harvests unwanted pumpkins and squash stems and recylces them into unique accents for the home. Knowles, a stay-at-home mom and former gallery director, is interested in combining creative passion with family. She employs stay-at-home moms who share that same passion. Hot Skwash also donates a portion of proceeds to the Learning Commuity, a non profit dedicated to providing free parenting resources to parents who are dedicated to raising healthy, happy kids but need additional indformation and support in order to do so.

Illume Candles

With beautiful packaging and bright colours, these freshly fragrant candles are crafted from natural-wax formulation of either soy, palm and beeswax, or food-grade paraffin. They are blended with essential oils and contain only domestic lead-free cotton or paper-core wicks. These qualities lead to a cleaner burn than that of vegetable paraffin which most other candle company’s candles are made of. The best part is that these candles are hand poured in L.A. only after we have placed our order! This lends itself to unbeatable freshness and quality.

 Illume candles are known for having a very high fragrance load. Rather than leading to an overpowering scent, Illume candles are able to fill your home with their fresh scent both burning and not burning. This idea of a candles scenting a room whether burning or simply a part of a home’s décor is what sparked Illumes initial owner Lynette Reed to begin making candles 15 years ago in her garage. The business has grown into a small boutique in West Hollywood where her objective of vibrant colours and unique fragrances still holds true today. 

Kobo Candles

 We are proud to  feature Kobo Candles in an assortment of unique scents.  This pure soy based candle has an unbelievable lasting burn time and the scent lingers without even having to light a match.  The packaging is equally as elegant as the scents and are just too stunning to wrap. They are created for those who are passionate about remarkable scents.


   Kobo uses only the highest quality fragrance and essential oils to create a full-bodied aroma.  If that isn’t enough, each candle is hand-poured with 100% domestically grown, pure soy wax and lead free, enviro-safe cotton wick, creating the cleanest and most planet friendly 70 hour burning candle on the market. Each candle is also complete with long reach matches and an extinguishing lid. Scents include White Birch Rosemary, D‘Anjou Lychee, Zapote, Orange Amber, Leather Mahogony, Figue Blanche, Gardenia Royal, Vetiver & Shaved Vanilla, Green Pearl Jasmine, and Portuguese Olive Blossom.

Kobo has just released their newest line of candles — Travel Candles. These beautiful 4 oz candles with their matches included are great for making stale hotel rooms smell like a retreat. The packaging and quality is just as perfect as the large candles. The travel candles offer a 20 hour burn time and come in a variety of the 70 hour candle scents.

MMMM… You’ll wonder how you ever travel without your Kobo Travel Candle!

Lucia Soaps and Candles

Pure Living was founded in January 2002, by Lucie Bernier and Andre Pace who wanted to bring not just good, but great products to customers worldwide. Lucie and Andre are passionate about the products they create and believe in their value to bring health, balance and energy through body and skin care. Pure Living has committed them self in creating a product line that is as natural and nourishing to the body as possible. This is because they believe that as a society, we are constantly being bombarded with stressful life situations: too much traffic, too much pollution, unhealthy foods, lack of exercise, too much sun, too much pressure. They also believe that we need to focus on the simple and pure pleasures of life; like a quite moment alone with no interference from the fast paced environment we live in. Finally they believe in the power of taking time to nourish our skin and protect it against the effects of aging and pollution, all without breaking the bank.

Pure Living stands true to their word when they say they commit them self to a superior product. J. Kinney Florist is proud to carry Lucia, Pure Living’s line of bath and body soap. These fresh fragrances will help you relax, clear your mind, concentrate, and stimulate your energy while at the same time moisturizing and nourishing your skin. We might add that the packaging is almost too pretty to throw away!

 Lucia Soap

So whether you are buying Lucia Soap for yourself, your guest bathroom, or for a friend, let Pure Living help you to take a moment alone to dream, refocus, and rejuvenate with grace, energy and clarity of mind because you should always take care of yourself from the inside out and from the outside in.

 Pure Living’s Standards

1.      To always use Organic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oils.

2.     To use 100% Natural Vegetable & Botanical Hydrating Oils
( not mineral oils or petroleum byproducts).

3.     To use only vegetable based colors (same as used in food).

4.    Never test our products on animals – We are cruelty Free !!!!

5.     All promotional material and packaging is printed on recycled
paper and printed with vegetable based inks.

6.    All our Fresh and Clean natural fragrances were created by our
parfumeur in Grasse, France.

7.     To continue to search the world for the most natural,
environmentally safe ingredients to include in our products.


This Canadian company specializes in kitchen products derived from a sun-drenched land where the olive tree and aromatic plants flourish, filling your kitchen with the delectable scent of fresh-cut herbs! Made with ingredients harvested from Mediterranean gardens and groves, the olive oil rich hand care and cleaner’s pure aromas indulge the skin and the senses. Rather than merely masking cooking odors, the fragrant bouquets of Coriander and Olive Tree and Lime Zest and Cypress blend with the aromas of your favorite dishes that whet the appetite. Plus the food inspired fragrances make this line of cleaners and moisturizes ideal for both men and women. All of Cucina’s products contain olive oil for moisture retention-the trademark of Cucina. This is what makes Cucina a must for sensitive and over worked hands. Cucina’s regenerating hand cream combines all the benefits of the olive tree; cold pressed olive oil deeply moisturizes hands while olive leaf extracts stimulate the skin and help heal minor cuts and burns. Cucina has also added sage and rosemary essential oils to act as an antibacterial and toner.Cucina

The packaging is so beautiful that these cleaners and moisturizers are worth leaving on the kitchen counter and will lend to a refined look to any décor. For example the regenerating hand cream made from Coriander and Olive tree is in a stoneware jar resembling traditional mustard containers which makes this the kitchen hand cream of choice by professional chefs.

These fragrant collections of decorative products inspired by the luscious Tuscan countryside make for a wonderful housewarming or hostess gift, treat for that special chef you know, or simply you. 

Oilcloth International


Whether you use them inside to brighten your dinningroom or outside to dine while enjoying a summer day we are sure you will love these great tablecloths. Their durable material is easily wiped clean which makes for a stress free clean up. We also carry a variety of other Oilcloth Inc. products made with this century old tradition including placemats, totes, coin purses, and lunch bags. These great products are cut and sewn in southern California and have even been showcased on Martha Stewart.